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Fix bathroom sink stopper

 I had posted this question before but it looks like it was deleted by an admin.

Whatever the mechanism is called that holds the sink stopper up and above the drain isn't working, so the stopper keeps falling into the hole and stopping the drain.  I believe I need something to go in the pipe below the sink, but I'm not sure.

Please assume that I have no idea what I'm talking about because I probably don't.

P.S. If an admin wants to delete this post as well, please let me know why.  I've already searched the topics for "fix sink stopper" and my problem didn't come up.
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Posted 2014-05-04T18:42:45+0000  by jugghayd jugghayd
It called a pop-up drain or pop-up assembly.

There's little hole or loop on the bottom of the stopper and of  "horizontal rod" goes into the that hole.  That moves the stopper and keeps it from coming out.  Tension is adjusted with what's called in these pictures "pivot seat" - it's more a nut and just needs to be finger tight.  There's also a little gasket or washer in there too that keeps things from leaking, so don't loose it.

Pull the stopper out. Remove the clip (it's a V shaped piece of metal) that holds strap to the rod.  Loosen the nut that holds the rod to the pipe (keep and eye out for the gasket).  Carefully drop stopper back in the drain so the hole at the bottom is facing the back of the sink.  From there you have to "feel" you way in with the rod and catch that hole.  You'll know when you get it right when the stopper moves when you move the rod and the stopper won't pull out.  Don't worry if it takes you a couple of tries.  Then tighten up the nut and reconnect the rod to the strap.

Sometimes the end of the rod breaks off or the plastic ball wears and needs to be replaced.  Typically it's easier to find the entire drain assembly and just use the parts you need than find the individual parts.

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