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Fixing bad paint job in bathroom

I recently bought a condo and was prepping to paint the bathroom.  

I noticed when I showered that the paint above the tile looked wet.  I took my fingernail and was able to easily scrape off the paint revealing a gloss paint underneath.

My new plan to fix this issue is this and I need some suggestions or if this is incorrect please help me with the right way!

- use a gel stripper to remove paint on top of gloss paint (I figure I can get away with just doing a good amount around the entire shower - but not strip the entire bathroom where moisture isn't an issue?)

- sand

- prime (looking for suggestions on primer type for over gloss is a wet area)

- finally, paint the color I would like

I am highly open to any suggestions and would really appreciate any input on my plan or a better plan if you know one!

Attached is a pic above the tile in the shower. 


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Posted 2017-10-06T17:11:05+0000  by JenB34 JenB34

Unfortunately, any stripper will also attached the finish underneath the last coat of paint. Especially  if your walls are of drywall, you are asking for a horrible mess.
Your paint is darkening because it is of poor quality with probably a high chalk content for pigment. It does not have a great bond to the slick paint below, and nothing will increase its bond. However, a good coat of a quality primer, either oil or 100% acrylic will seal it in and prevent water from aggravating the situation. I would suggest a coat of Behr No.75 primer, followed by a coat of Behr Ultra Satin or Semi-Gloss for the finish coat.

Heads up: if you tape the edges, remove the tape immediately after painting before the paint dries and forms a film. Do this even after the prime coat, knowing that it will have to be re-taped .
If the tape is allowed to dry spanning from the tape to the wall, you risk having the tape pull the paint off the wall in little "dog ears". This is due to the less than great bond to the slick paint underneath. Once the new primer and finish coat are dry and cured, you should not have  problems. Remember that a full cure and adhesion of the new paint can take up to a month.
Posted 2017-10-06T22:44:39+0000  by ordjen
Thank you, that is very helpful. 

If I scrape/sand off all of the paint that is currently peeling... Will the Behr 75 primer stop the rest of the paint from peeling off?

I guess I figured anything added on top of the poor paint job would also eventually come off since there is poor adhesion from the get-go with the bad paint job.  

Hope that makes sense and thanks again for your answers and suggestions.
Posted 2017-10-07T16:38:09+0000  by JenB34
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