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Fixing damaged glaze on wooden table?

what's the best way to patch up a glazed wooden table -- just one small section was damaged (essentially dissolved b/c of spill).?  can i re-glaze just a section  and how do i get it to match?
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Posted 2016-11-11T21:39:46+0000  by AmyHNYC AmyHNYC
Howdy AmyHNYC,

Patching up a glazed wooden table requires lightly sanding section to prepare for "re-glazing".  Without seeing the exact damage to the table. However the methods can still be similar depending on the amount damage.

The usual step is to strip off the old glaze/paint/varathane/stain/etc and do the entire surface. Since your asking about just a section, we will address just a section of the table.

Usually the area that is damaged is cleaned, slightly sanded with a 360 to 600-grit.

Next you try matching the glaze. Sometimes glazes have stain in them some do not. I like to use masking tape to protect areas that I don't want to get scratched.

Happy glazing,
Coach Dave

Posted 2016-11-17T23:16:02+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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