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Fixing mess up on weathered crackle finish

I did the whole process of base coat, crackle and top coat but when I applied the top coat last night it didn't crackle. I used a flat paint. I read that your not supposed to go over glaze once applied and I did so I think that is the problem. I only did 6 of 20 cabinets and stopped because I noticed it wasn't crackling. I already applied glaze to all the other cabinets though does that matter and can I just reglaze them? The 6 cabinets I painted with top coat how do I fix this without having to resand and repaint them? What is the best think to use to apply the crackle and top coat?


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Posted 2011-11-16T19:32:41+0000  by gabby1 gabby1

I am not sure where the problem presented. Some crackle glue can dry too much before you put the flat paint on it. If it is dry then you should be able to put crackle over the original crackle but be careful it will active the crackle glue so do not use too much. It may make you cracks different if the glue is thicker. You can contact me

Posted 2011-11-16T23:50:03+0000  by RTurri
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