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Fixing wall inside corners

A couple of inside corners in my house have cracks in the wall that I want to fix before I paint.  I looked at the home depot "project guide" on inside finishing inside corners (  Can someone explain to me why on step #4 you have to apply the joint compound on one side, let dry and then do the other side?   The tape is already firm on the wall from step #3, so I don't get why you can't do both sides at the same time.



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Posted 2012-02-23T20:15:19+0000  by GD GD

Hey there GD,


Welcome to the community!~


You pose a great question, it is pretty confusing to think...well, why can't I just finish it all off in one go? o.O


The reason they mentioned that, is because they are demonstrating using a standard drywall knife. When applying the mud over your tape, traditionally you will do one side, let it dry and then finish the other. The reason behind this is because when you're dragging your mud down the wall with the traditional drywall knife, you need to cut into the corner as close as you can. By doing so though, you'll scrape up some of the mud from the other side if you placed it there. Then it becomes an endless cycle of trying to patch what you scraped up, and it just never comes out looking right! :o


However, there is a solution!~


The Inside Corner Tool is just what you're looking for! By using this, you can spread your mud much more evenly in one stroke, and get it all done in 1 step instead of 2. = D



Hopefully that helps answer your question!~ Feel free to reply back if you have any more questions on it though, we'll be happy to help = )


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Posted 2012-02-23T21:05:38+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI


The biggest reason for using the corner tool, especially if you are doing smooth wall, rather than textrued walls, is that you get a nice sharp, continuous corner  or ceiling line in a single pass.

Posted 2012-02-24T01:18:12+0000  by ordjen
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