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Flickering Light on Digital Timer

Bought the defiant 5-amp in wall timer to replace one that couldn't track time. It controls 2 lights outside. One is a CFL and the other is not. The non-cfl bulb flickers when the timer is off (which is also did the with the previous timer) The cfl bubl has no issues.   The package says, no cfl/led bulbs; so what am I supposed to use or how do I fix this?

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Posted 2015-07-18T17:07:53+0000  by lizm lizm
This is one of the Defiant timers that doesn't require a neutral?  Because there is no neutral, they allow a tiny amount of current to pass through the timer to provide power to the timer itself.  That causes problems with CFL and LED lamps, hence the warning.

If there is no neutral in the box, the only option is to use regular incandescent or halogen lamps.  If you do have a neutral, then replace the timer with one that uses the neutral so you can use CFL/LED lamps.
Posted 2015-07-18T23:00:41+0000  by Adam444
Hello lizm.

Yes, the package says no CFL/LED bulbs due to the electronics that are included withing these bulbs.  The CFL bulb is causing your timer problems.  As Adam said, please switch out the CFL bulb for a standard incandescent or halogen incandescent.  Otherwise you will need a timer that is rated for these more modern bulbs, which will require a white neutral wire to be available inside the switch box.


Posted 2015-07-23T13:51:48+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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