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Flickering lights on Ceiling Fan - help!

Flickering lights on Ceiling Fan - help!

I have a ceiling fan that - on absolutely random occasions, the light bulbs on them flicker.

It doesn't matter whether or not the fan is running (the fan is usually not running, especially now in the Winter).

They are incandescent (not CFL) light bulbs. I can have 1 or 2 in them and when they flicker, they both flicker.

I have even thrown in one LED and one normal bulb, and they still flicker. I have tried different incandescent bulbs, and same results.

I don't understand when/how it decides to flicker - the flickering has no rhythm either - just completely random - and starts/stops at random times.
Ironically, it can go hours without it flickering, or it can start flickering for hours.

I end up just trying not to use the lights on the ceiling fan, but that's also getting annoying now in the Winter time.

ANY ideas what could be causing this?

I want to replace the whole thing if it will just fix it quickly, but don't want to waste time replacing the whole thing if it can be something else.

Any troubleshooting ideas? It's driving me crazy... Thanks.



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Posted 2012-12-30T05:31:45+0000  by takabanana takabanana
Here are two reasons lights can flicker in a ceiling fan.  

One is the Watt Limiter in the lighting kit.  there are youtube videos that show how to bypass these when they go bad.  the other option would be to replace them.  

Two is in a remote ceiling fan where the receiver is not working correctly.  in this case you need to replace the receiver or hook the fan without the remote.  
Posted 2015-02-08T21:33:23+0000  by abedj
Bad Light Bulb Socket - Video Explanation

I've had the same random flickering light problem. Every time the light bulb would go bad I'd put a new. Then I've got sick of it and took it apart. The culprit was the light bulb socket. Overtime connecting wires got loose. So, either get a newer fan or just replace the socket. This will cost around 3$

Posted 2015-02-23T04:52:08+0000  by h4l
To Takabana, back in 2013 you posted this issue on ceiling fan flickering lights and my Harbor Breeze fan is doing the same and also does not have the watt limiter as some of these videos I have seen indicate, so did you ever find it's problem?  I dont want to try buying the light switch pull if this wont fix the problem on mine. This is what you posted(  ok so I took apart the light kit from the ceiling fan - and there is no governor!  Just a capacitor (4.7uF 250V AC).


Soooooo - are there any other ideas?  I'm lost here...


From reading online, it sounded like it would pretty much be a watt limiter/governor, but... there is none!!!!


Unless it'd be in the main ceiling fan housing?  I assume not??


Any ideas/help would be appreciated...

Posted 2017-01-07T20:22:29+0000  by jav
Takabana, back in 2013 you posted an issue covered under flickering ceiling fan lights and not finding a watt limiter in your ceiling fan. I also didnt see one in my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan which has the flickering light problem. Did you ever find a fix for it? I could try finding a compatable pull light switch but dont want to start spending unnecessary money. 
Posted 2017-01-07T21:10:26+0000  by jav
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