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Flip up Garage Door Weatherstrip

Hello Everyone,


I just purchased a house about a month ago and have been doing some renovating to it. The one issue I have been having is trying to find a garage door weatherstrip for the bottom of the door. I have a few gaps in it and with the winter coming would like to be sure I do not get any critters setting up shop in my garage.


My garage door is the old and one piece metal flip up door. I bought the weatherstrip that home depot sells only to have to return it because it was the wrong type. My question is, where can I find the old style bottom garage door weatherstrip? It is the type that slides into a track if that helps any. I have a picture but I cannot seem to find it.


Thank you in advance for any help

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Posted 2011-11-09T20:40:01+0000  by matt1987 matt1987

Hello Matt1987,


Welcome to the community.


Sorry to hear that the weather stripping that you purchased didn’t work out.


We do carry many different styles of the garage door bottom weather stripping. Some are only offered online.


Without a picture I’m not sure which one you need but we carry both the bulb style with a ¼” T-end and also one that forms a U-shape with ¼” T-ends. With the T-ends they both slide into a track on the bottom of the garage door.


If your door has 2 tracks one on each edge than the U-shape one should work and if it only has 1 track then the bulb style should work.

     U-Shapegarage door weather seal U-shape.jpg   

     Bulb stylegarage door weather seal-bulb style.jpg

I hope this helps you get your garage door sealed tight for the winter.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.

Posted 2011-11-09T21:10:56+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
I too have the same type of door. the weather strip slides into a metal strip and looks like a straight piece of rubber, not the bulb style suggested above.Is this still available? Thanks for you help.
Posted 2012-10-24T20:27:17+0000  by pinecone
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