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Flood Preparation Checklist

Five years ago I wrote a 3-part blog series on hurricane preparation and clean-up when the East Coast was anticipating Hurricane Sandy.  The articles provided practical and helpful tips to prepare for and get through a natural disaster.  You can find the series: Emergency Preparation, What to do after the hurricane goes through, and Hurricane Aftermath: Clean up and get back to normal.

This past weekend, I received a note from a Home Depot Store Manager in the Midwest who was preparing for a flood. The Governor of that state had just declared a state of emergency in anticipation of high river levels and preparations were being made in the areas that would be affected.  My contact asked if there was a checklist that could be sent to them help prepare for the flood that was expected in a day.

I have been through several floods in my lifetime and know that time is of the essence.  Preparation time is valuable since many tasks must be accomplished in a short period of time.  Performing the most essential and critical activities will minimize personal and property loss as well as determine the success of the subsequent clean-up.  After a flood, the devastated areas often have limited supplies of even basic necessities.   You can never fully anticipate everything that is needed, but you can prepare to the best of your ability while the affected area returns to normal.

My original article had bullet points but not a true checklist.  From personal experiences, I know that it is easier for me to have a list and check the items off as they are completed.  I stopped what I was doing, immediately created a working checklist, and sent it off.  I have reproduced the Flood Checklist below for others who may need to use it for future planning.  


I am happy to report that everyone was safe.  Their city did a great job in building barriers in a few days to protect from the second highest crest in history.  Whether you live in a floodplain, a hurricane-prone area, or anywhere else, take a moment to check your family’s emergency kit and first aid kit to update items so you are prepared in the event of an emergency. 


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