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Flooring options for lake cottage - extreme temperatures

I’m in search of flooring product for use in a cabin where temperature and humidity are not controlled year-round. The cottage has a furnace & A/C however neither will be running for weeks at a time while the cabin isn’t being used. In the winter we do use the cabin a few times, and warm it up over the weekends, and then shut the heat off for long periods of time. We are located in Northern Minnesota, so it will get to below freezing in the winter, and possibly 90 degrees or more in the summer if nobody is there to run A/C or open windows. The flooring will be on concrete that has had sheet vinyl on it for about 40 years, and it has been removed last fall. The concrete is very flat with no cracks or any high or noticeable low spots.  A couple of concerns would be walking on any type of flooring such as plank vinyl or laminate planking and having the edges crack or come apart! I do not want to use carpeting or sheet vinyl if at all possible! Any suggestions on products for this application, would be appreciated! 

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Posted 2018-03-07T19:51:14+0000  by Rob4 Rob4

Hello Rob and welcome to the Community.

PORCELAIN tile is probably the most durable and completely frost resistant for indoor or outdoor applications.  Porcelain tile is available in an incredible variety of sizes, colors and styles that can suit almost any decor.  Porcelain tile come in many wood, slate and marble looks to name a few.

Any wood product will be adversely effected by the wide swing in humidity and temperature, as well as vinyl plank or tiles.

Other options are limited by the fact that you do not want carpet or sheet vinyl.

Thank you for your inquiry.


Posted 2018-03-08T18:12:44+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
painted floor.jpg


Greetings Rob4,

Would you ever consider painting or staining the concrete floor in your cabin? You have described an intact concrete floor surface that would take and hold a coat of paint well.

There are so many colors and tint-able stains available for concrete! You could select a few different colors to define different spaces in the cabin; or select one color throughout and then add a few area rugs for winter months to make the space warm and cozy. During the summer just roll up the rugs and take advantage of the coolness of the concrete on bare feet. Painted concrete is durable, easy to sweep and keep clean….Just one more suggestion.

Click on the highlighted links for more information on concrete paints and stains and the painted floor process.


Posted 2018-03-08T19:11:47+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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