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Flower Tower Questions

Post your Flower Tower questions here!

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Posted 2013-04-19T13:06:33+0000  by HomeDepotJayne HomeDepotJayne

I agree totally. I really wanted these to work - they are beautiful on TV, but have spent a fortune on two towers that look pitiful. Until last week, I kept adding flowers to the towers, hoping they would fill in. Then I decided that it was simply cost prohibitve to keep buying more plants. Now I have a huge roll of wire fencing leftover for which I have no need. Will not make this next year.

Posted 2013-06-17T18:39:43+0000  by mjcepla

I have used tomato cages a lot for vines.  I turn the cage upside down and bury the top ring in the soil to hold it in place.  Then I bring the "legs" at the top together, wrap twine or wire around them a number of times (this looks decorative if you wrap it systematically), and then I "curl" the ends with pliers so that they form small circles (bent outward like a fountain).  I've done this both in containers and in the ground.  Because the cage is turned upside down with the larger part on the ground or buried an inch or so in the ground, the cage stays upright pretty well. 


I have also done this with plants that need staking, when the regular tomato cage look would not be attractive. 


Of course, you can snip off the "legs" as well, but I like the way they looked bent and fastened together as I described above.  I've thought about spray painting them, too.

Posted 2013-08-09T22:44:03+0000  by LJay
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