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Flower and Herb Combo Pots For Urban Gardeners


Urban Gardening has to be creative; finding a space, and a place for everything you want to plant can be challenging.


Container planting is great for porches, steps and a balcony.


When space is at a premium trying to decide what you can live without growing is the real question, flowers, herbs, vegetables?


Why not have them all!


 Flowers and herbs are the perfect union!


Flowers put on the showy display, and the herbs take up and fill the planter with gorgeous foliage and great scents!



I have been using dill as a fill for years; the lovely tall, airy foliage adds an interest and beauty to planters…. Dill is actually a filler, thriller and sometimes a spiller, and bonus: it is edible!


Dill is a great summer garnish; it is delicious in potato salad, add dill to cucumber and plain yogurt for a light refreshing dip!


Lemon thyme makes a great addition to any planter; it spills over the edge for a soft, variegated detail, the strong lemon scent is evident when the leaves are touched or brushed against.


Place a few twigs of lemon thyme in ice tea for fresh lemon flavors, use it in a marinade for fish…the flavor and scent is amazing!



Do not compromise your urban planting selection due to space, plant a mixture of herbs and flowers and enjoy the medley of blooms , textures and scents!      

Enjoy,     Maureen








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Posted 2015-06-09T16:00:29+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS