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Flowers glued-on to cactus plants

We were at the Home Depot yesterday to pick up some plants. We bought two flowering cactus plants, and today when we re-potted the plants we discovered to our dismay that the flowers on both cacti were hot-glued to the plant. Why does Home Depot glue flowers onto the cacti?hot glue
hot glue

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Posted 2014-07-13T23:31:38+0000  by sammy21 sammy21
Greetings Sammy21, 
I will be right back with an answer to your question!  Maureen
Posted 2014-07-15T14:53:49+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS


Greetings sammy21,

I am so sorry that you were disappointed with your glued on straw-flower cactus….

Home Depot is not responsible for the actual placement of the flowers on the cactus, they actually come that way from the grower!

When I started working in Home Depots garden department 20 years ago, I also wondered; why would anyone glue straw-flowers to a cactus?  

Here is my conclusion: The bright, beautiful, colors of the straw-flowers attract customers from across the store! I don’t believe them to be miss leading, just an adornment!

True cactus flowers are long in the making! It can take 2-3 years for flowers to appear on a mature cactus! 

In the desert, cactus bloom usually after a heavy rain, which does not happen often, and that is why they do not bloom often.

The blossoms on cactus plants are bright, beautiful, and randomly shaped, they are somewhat exotic!  The unfortunate thing with these lovely blooms is that they do not last!  One day, a night, two to three days at the most, and then they are gone again for six months to a year!

It is a rarity to buy cactus plants in flower, which is why I believe the straw-flowers are added!  Just to add color while you wait for the real thing!

So please don’t be disappointed that your flowers were glued on, the real ones will eventually happen!!

And they are so worth the wait!    Maureen

Posted 2014-07-15T18:36:52+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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