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Foghorn at 3am

So I am asleep, nothing going on in the house, no water running inside or out. I am awoken by the sound of a foghorn coming from my bathroom tub and shower area in the masterbathroom.

Have dealt with another sound off and on with toilets and think it is that. Turn the water off to both in the house (single level). Continues. Go outside and turn off water to the house and it continues. Open all the faucets in the house to drain any water and it continues. The side wall of the shower shares that wall with my living room but you cannot hear a thing there, but it is so loud that with the glass enclosure it is hard to tell exactly where the sound is coming from. But with no water, what is vibrating the pipes or why is it still making noise? Maybe not the pipes? Sure could use some ideas. Short of cutting up walls to find the pipe that may be the culprit, I am at a complete loss. Especially if finding the pipe is not my problem!  Thanks ahead of time for any assistance.
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Posted 2018-04-22T12:14:32+0000  by DonQuixote63 DonQuixote63

Greetings DonQuixote63,

Your question is so alarming! Most of the time when there is a sound coming from pipes it has to do with pressure, is there a water pressure regulator for the house?  The regulator should be in the basement, located near the whole house water supply shut off valve. The water pressure may need to be adjusted.

The water pressure from the town or city arrives to your home at approximate 100-110 pounds; the amount of pressure that the house should putting out, for daily use should read between 40-80 lbs., the regulator gauge will show the pressure readings.

My gut tells me that it is time to have a professional stop by and assess the situation; especially if you have had past issues with sounds, It is just not right for pipes to shake and tremble Pipes that make sounds could be a warning sign, whether it be pressure or sediment, there is an interruption with the smooth transfer of water.  There will be peace of mind to get the pipes checked, and you will have peace at night as well.

It is hard to pinpoint it from here just what is causing the foghorn, but take it as a true warning sign. Give a plumber a call or try your town or city water department, maybe they have a technician that will help identify the source. Let us know if you get a diagnosis.

Best of luck,


Posted 2018-04-24T16:19:23+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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