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Follow-up to: Make half switched outlet contantly hot, use switch for new ceiling light/fan

My original question was:
I have 14/2 wire going to a switch in a bedroom. I then have 14/3 wire w/ a red wire going from the switch to an outlet. The switch controls half of the outlet.
What I would like to do is:
-Make the outlet constantly hot and not controlled by the switch
-Use the switch to control a new ceiling fan/light

I understand that making the switch not control the light means I HAVE TO make the switch control an overhead light.

My questions were:
-do I cap the red wire in the gangbox of the switch and the gangbox of the outlet when I replace the outlet to make it constantly hot and wire like a normal outlet?
-when I buy a ceiling fan light that also has a light and remote, what switch should I buy so I can control the fan not only with the switch but also with the remote?

The response from Chris from HD can be found here:

I now would like to know,

Can the photos attached be confirmed as being wired correctly?
My concern is the switch gangbox has both romex coming thru the top of the box, so wanted to know if the wire to the new ceiling fan/light can be placed in one of the bottom gang-box knockouts.
Also, what would the new wire connections to the wireless switch look like when adding the new wireless fan w/ light switch, or does it depend on white fan/light I purchase?

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Posted 2017-01-04T13:27:12+0000  by ELD ELD
There's a little tab on the "hot" side of the receptacle that is broken off when half the receptacle is switched.  While you could install a short piece of wire as a jumper it's often just easier to spend 78¢ for a new receptacle.  As for which wire, the red or black, should be capped off, that depends on how the circuit was wired.  Open the junction box containing the switch and see which wire is connect to the switch and cap off the other one.  Or if you know which side of the receptacle is switched, cap off that wire.

As for installing a new ceiling fan, you're going to have to get power up to ceiling.  There's lots of ways that could be done but without knowing how your house is laid out, it's impossible to offer specific advice.  If you're lucky enough to have attic space above the room, then it's fairly easy.  If not, it could be more complex.  In any case, make sure you install a fan rated ceiling box.
Posted 2017-01-05T13:33:43+0000  by Adam444
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