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Framing basement walls

I am about to start framing the outside walls in my basement.  My problm is that I have a drain running horizontal for about 8 feet on one part of the wall.  We had planned to use 2x4's and pull them out to clear iron beams we have but the drain would be cutting more than half of the stud out to get around it.  I think we will end up having to go with 2x6's on that wall, but wondered if anyone had any suggestions. 

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Posted 2011-07-01T19:43:46+0000  by Alison Alison

Hey Alison.


I had to deal with something similar when finishing my basement. I had to enclose the 4 inch galvanized support post in a wall made of 2 x 6s when all the other walls were 2 x 4s and this was absolutely acceptable. This should be fine, for if this wall if anything like mine, it should not be a load bearing wall but probably a wall supporting nothing but a suspended ceiling.


When finishing the walls be sure to draw a diagram of any possible things that you might need to access in the future, like pressure reducer valves or septic clean outs before concealing them behind sheetrock to forget where they are later. 


I am assuming that this house is already built, and not new construction, therefore already has all its load bearing walls in place.

Posted 2011-07-03T17:21:56+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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