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Framing in for a slightly smaller window

I have a window that is 65" high and need to replace it.  We're looking at a 62" window but will have an opening that is too large by about 3".  I've never done a window replacement so I was just wondering if we can put a board cut to size at the top of the window opening, paint and caulk.  Will this keep water out?  I know that flashing is used in some cases but I think that's in the case of larger openings that are framed on the bottom as well?  We don't have a machine that can bend the flashing and would like to do the window ourselves to save a little bit of money. 


Any help and advice is appreciated greatly!!



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Posted 2013-10-10T12:50:47+0000  by vonatah vonatah

Hello vonatah and welcome to the community!


You can do it yourself! To fill in that 3" opening you just need to add 2 2x4 boards cut to the proper width. 2x4 boards are actually 1-1/2" thick, so if you double them up you will have 3". 


As for flashing, you may want to add Protecto Wrap to seal the exterior side from the water. Then caulk & trim out to your liking. You don't have to bend aluminum to cover the exterior, unless you want to--you can rent the bending machine at Home Depot's Tool Rental, the machine is actually called a Siding Brake. 


Make sure to insulate the inside around the window with either fiberglass insulation or GREAT STUFF Window and Door Insulating Foam Sealant, be careful with the Great Stuff, it can get messy. 


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Posted 2013-10-10T16:41:46+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

Thank you so much for the quick and easy to understand response!  I guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend!  :)

Posted 2013-10-10T16:52:19+0000  by vonatah
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