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Freestanding Stove

My name is Celina.  I just purchase a nice freestanding stove for my husband, but did not think to measure height and width of old stove.  Are these things standard.  Currently, we have a microwave above the stove.  It looks like the width is 30 inches, but not sure about the height.  How do I know whether or not I need to back up and punt and maybe purchase a different stove.  I really love this one, because it is a double oven and and convection.  I've tried reading the specs on the new stove, which shows 47/88 tall, but not sure what that means.  I have a whirllpool currently, but the new one is a Maytag, model number MET8776BW.  How do I measure?  Please don't make me start all over. 

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Posted 2013-12-02T20:54:07+0000  by Simeonlocust Simeonlocust

Hi Celina,


The measurement on the new stove are the overall measurements.


For example the 47 inch height is to the top of the console. In other words the very top of the stove or range as we call it.


All ranges or stoves, have had the same dimensions for many many years. The bottom line is the new stove will fit in the exact same space as the old one.


So not to worry.



Posted 2013-12-02T22:58:44+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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