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Fuax exposed beams help

I am trying a home project for exposed beams. Can I get some help .



As far as installation goes,

Are these beams hollow or solid? Three sided or four sided?

Are there any install guide? Can these beams run through a ceiling fan and how?


Is it possible that they will not go as flat against the ceiling as the three sided beams would. It is my understanding that four sided beams are generally made for spanning across open areas where all four sides might be seen, not tight against the ceiling. If that is true, then they may not have a flat side, as a three-sided beam would have it's two flat edges that are made to go against a flat ceiling. So I cannot say that, with a four sided beam that there won't be some gapping to the ceiling that I won't like. I can't find any information that assures me that this won't be the case.




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Posted 2013-04-03T14:31:51+0000  by ohms ohms

Hello Ohms!


Thank you for your questions about these faux beams! I have emailed the manufacturer your questions and I will post the answers as soon as they email me back. :)


Thank you for your patience.


Christine :)

Posted 2013-05-08T13:08:00+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

Hello ohms.

Jeff from Superior Building Supplies has provided the following answers for you:


Thank you for your email and for your customers interest in our product line.


1.       Are the beams hollow or solid?


 All of the Superior Faux Beams are hollow


2.      Are they 3 or 4 sided?


All of the beams featured on are 3 sided, except two.

·         The SB 41 R -

·         The SB 42 C -

We can also produce custom size beams 3 and 4 sided, but this is by special order.


3.      Is there an installation guide available?


Our installation guide along with step by step video tutorials can be found  The customer is also welcome to call us with any specific questions he or she may have. 888-328-9232


4.      Can the beams run through a ceiling fan?




5.      If so, how?


Simply install the fan using a fan rod extension rod.  When they drill the whole into the beam for the rod to come through, we recommend making the whole larger than the rod but still small enough to be hidden under the canopy. Most fans are not perfectly balanced and they will tend to shake on higher speeds. By increasing the whole cut out in the beam, this will prevent any damage. 


Is this what you are looking for?

Indeed, the 3 sided beams are flat on the open side so that you get a tight ceiling fit.  The 4 sided beams are more of a decorative molding, or as Jeff mentioned, used for open trusses where all sides are visible.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance, and feel free to use the manufacturer's support system, as mentioned above, for additional information.





Posted 2013-05-10T14:50:35+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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