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Furnace doesn't turn off

I didn't know where to post this question. Hence I am posting it here.


I purchased a Honeywell thermostat in Decemeber and installed it a week before Christmas. Recent gas bill is $350.00 and it is freaking me out. I expected it to be $200 or less but not above $300 and seems the bill for this month could go more than $450 (I am monitoring the gas meter daily). I noticed that my furnace doesn't turn off for longer periods. The furnace runs for 8-10 minutes after it is started and then starts again 5 minutes after it turns off. The furnace turns on even though the temperature doesn't drop. I see the same temperature in the thermostat and was wondering why the furnace turns on even though there is no change in temperature. My thermostat is set at 70 degrees. Can anyone help me to identify the problem? Also, I noticed that basement is very hot even though the vents are closed and the door leading from basement and main floor is closed. The furnace is located in basement. I have closed the vents in a bedroom on the main floor and that room is very cold but not the basement. I changed the air filter recently but still noticing the same issues. Someone, please help me!!!!

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Posted 2014-01-23T18:07:47+0000  by challa_pavani challa_pavani

Hi Challa_pavani,


First of all remember this is winter and unless you live in the Southwestern US your heating bills will be two to three times the normal rate for the summer time.


Make sure your thermostat is wired properly, incorrect connections can signal the furnace to run too much.


You indicated the basement is hot. When was the last time you changed the air filter?


A clogged air filter will restrict air flow, causing your furnace to run longer, as air is not getting to the rooms and effecting the thermostat.


Make sure the majority of your vents are open, in a forced air system, air must flow for it to work effectively.


The thermostat will not work properly if warm air is not reaching it.


Check for air leaks and drafts, a draft of cold air will trip your thermostat causing the furnace to run too much.


If all of these items check out OK, then I would recommend have a HVAC professional check your furnace.







Posted 2014-01-23T19:48:19+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

I do agree that heating bills will be high in winter but seems to be almost twice compared to similar house for the last month. It was $180 for the other house but mine was 300+. I would expect a little difference but it was close to 150. My filter was changed sometime before November and I changed it yesterday. 


1. As for the air flow, I closed the heating vents in the basement and also the door leading to the main level. It is a partially finished basement and the heating ducts are on the ceiling with dampers on it. I closed them with the dampers. Does it cause any problems? My thermostat is in the main level close the basement door and basement door is closed all the time.


2. I have closed the heating vents (but not the return air ducts) in the unused bedrooms. Is it ok to close them?


3. I dont have cooling system in my housr and only the heating system. There was a lot of confusion while installing the thermostat. There were only two wires to the old thermostat (red and white). I have set them to R and W terminals in the new Honeywell thermostat. Is this correct or wrong?

Posted 2014-01-23T20:01:23+0000  by challa_pavani
Forgot to mention that the ceiling and walls of the basement are not finished. Only the floor is done.
Posted 2014-01-23T20:03:01+0000  by challa_pavani

Great Tips Mike!


With the last few days being the coldest of the season, I've seen the furnace running almost all day.


I particularly like your tip about air circulating back to the thermostat!


Central systems thrive on air moving through rooms and recirculating back to the central plenum.


Many people think isolating unused rooms will cut their bill, but they fail to consider that the cold air in those rooms is recirculating and mixing with the warm air from the rest of the house.


This causes the furnace to actually work harder by reducing the temperature of air returning to the furnace.


Consider leaving the vents open in these rooms and opening the door about one-inch to allow warm air to circulate.



If the thermostat is located on a wall near a cold room, the temperature inside that wall may transfer to the thermostat giving a false temperature reading.


Another source of false readings ... uninsulated interior walls (where thermostats are commonly mounted) are notorious for transfer of hot and cold air from attics and crawl spaces or basements.


When you have the thermostat off the wall, take time to fill the hole where the electric (HVAC control) wire passes through the wall. This hole is an unseen port, directly behind the thermostat, through which hot and cold air can easily travel.


Seal that hole, leaving enough slack in the wire to allow easy remove the thermostat from the wall.



Replace the batteries. Although thermostats are low energy devices, they rely upon a minimum current to function properly.

Posted 2014-01-23T20:17:37+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Thank you Pat and Mike. I will keep the vents open and see if that helps.


As for the thermostat, the batteries are a month old and are "Duracell" batteries. It starts the furnace even if the temperature on the thermostat doesn't drop. It's always at 70 and never seen it showing below 70 but furnace keeps running. Is this normal?

Posted 2014-01-23T20:44:48+0000  by challa_pavani

Hello Again challa_pavani!


You are certainly welcome!


Unless the thermostat is set to "Hold Temp" there should be some fluctuation in the reading on the screen.


Usually if the "Hold Temp" setting is engaged, you can release it by pressing "Run Program" or on some systems it may say "Resume."


We'll continue to follow your replies!

Posted 2014-01-23T21:28:22+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hi challa_pavani,


Pat gave you some good advice, I have one question, is your thermostat programmable?


You said it is always on 70, the thermostat should have a window for room temperature and a window for the set temperature.


Check the settings, you can program it to heat only when you want heat, and set the minimum and maximum temperatures.


Many have multiple settings, you can program it to heat to a specific temperature at a specific time and day. 


Check you owners manual for the specific instructions for your thermostat.





Posted 2014-01-23T22:36:54+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

The thermostat is a programmable one. But my mom stays at home all the time. So, it is always set to 70.

Posted 2014-01-23T23:48:20+0000  by challa_pavani
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