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GFCI outlet is tripping

A newly installed GFCI outlet works fine connected but dangling.  Once I push it into the box and tighten the screws it trips as soon as I turn on the breaker and then press reset.  

There are outlets "downstream" but nothing is plugged into them as this is a new (and empty) room.  I have checked all wires and they appear to all be attached tightly.  When out of the box the rest of the outlets work fine also.
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Posted 2017-07-19T20:52:11+0000  by RickMartin RickMartin
It could be operating as intended. Assuming you have a new blue box and not an old metal box, you could be accidentally faulting the back side once you screw it down. maybe the wires are slightly damaged and touching, maybe something touches one of the side screws and shouldn't. You could try to minimize bare exposed conductor if you stripped off more than needed.

If you have an old metal box, those have less room and could easily accidentally touch the side.

GFCIs are perfect for and old 2 wire house since they trip as soon as there is some current mismatch, but they do not tolerate the neutrals of multiple circuits wired together downstream since they read a current mismatch and trip.
Posted 2017-07-20T01:31:07+0000  by Frog1234
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