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Garage Door opener

Who can tell me what is wrong with my garage door opener?

I had to replace the gear. Before it would only close by the wall switch pressed and held ( no remote)

I have replaced the sensors but it will only go a very short distance before it reverses. And then only goes the same very short distance.

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Posted 2011-04-20T22:20:36+0000  by thomasQ thomasQ

Hey Thomas Q, Blake here, if you have already replaced the sensors then there are a few things left to check. Make sure that the sensors are correctly aligned and neither of the sensors is blinking. Next, check the connection of the wires at the sensors and at the opener. Lastly check the wire path, be sure that the wires leading to the sensors have not been frayed, cut or damaged in any way.


If all these checks fail to produce positive results it may be time to put in a new opener or call a repairman.  


If you can provide us with the make and model of your unit we may be able to dig up more information.


I hope this is helpful ThomasQ,



Posted 2011-04-20T22:50:35+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

Hello ThomasQ: electrical_answers here, a garage door usually does the down 2 couple feet and then goes back up for 3 reasons.  1.) as Blake said there is a wiring problem problem with the safety sensors on either side of the door, or the safety switch at bottom of the door ( if yours has one ) thinks there is a hazard so it tells the door go up. or2.) the operator / opener itself is getting signals internally that tell it to open when all is well. 3.) The manual operation switch is stuck, so the door opens up some then closes back down again. 

  . If you do want to swap out the push button go over to the garage door section, and find a replacement switch. Do not, try to use a "door bell push button " switch they are NOT compatible.       

  It may be that you can swap out the sensors, and the wire and get your garage back? If you need wire I would recommend 18-2 thermostat  wire sold in the electrical area in with the wire, 18 gauge is more than enough size , and it has a jacket over the wires for extra protection. Usually when the safety stuff is good, and it still screws up, it is time to get a new opener


  Since you already have an opener in place replacing it is not really difficult. The people in the " Door and Windows " / millwork area can help work out what , and how much you need, in case parts replacement is not a workable answer. 

Posted 2011-04-21T07:07:21+0000  by elect_answers
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