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Garage door problem

I have a problem with my garage door.  The door will rise no problem, but when being lowered the door goes to about 4 inches from reaching the floor and starts to squeek/grind real bad as if its like too tight or something.  That was the best way I can explain the noise.  Then the door comes back up.  I don't have any experience with garage doors but I messed with some of the settings as far as the pressure and distance of travel and it seems to have not done anything.  Has anyone experienced this problem before?  The house is just a couple of years old, so this garage door/motor is still pretty new.  I have attached a photo of the side of the motor so you all can see the specs and also attached is a video of the garage door being lowered so you can all see/hear what i am talking about.  here is the link to the video, and the pic below...





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Posted 2013-05-20T01:03:12+0000  by Scott90 Scott90

The first thing to do is to disconnect the opening from the door with the red pull cord.  Ensure the door operates properly without the opener.  It should be smooth throughout the entire range of travel and balance (neither go up nor down) when at about chest height.


If the door seems ok, operate the opener without the door attached.  You'll want to stand on a ladder so you can see what's happening on the track.  Have a helper hold down the red cord so the opener doesn't reenage the door.  Does it seem to be operating smoothly without the door attached?


Report back what you find.

Posted 2013-05-20T03:22:33+0000  by Adam444
Yes when the opener is disconnected the door goes up and down fine with no problems. Doesn't make any weird noises and isn't difficult to move. The motor tales and chain also seems to be moving fine when not connected. No weird noises there either. Thanks for your response. I am hoping someone sees this that has ran into this problem before.
Posted 2013-05-20T11:54:35+0000  by Scott90
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