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Garden spring/summer bulbs

Someone told me to put "Someone told me to put "my garden spring/summer bulbs in a clear bag and store them away from sunlight in a cool, dry basement, cellar, garage or shed at 60° to 65°F. Avoid tempertures below 50°" is this true and if so why? In my warehouse it can get pretty cool even below 20F

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Posted 2015-03-05T03:24:37+0000  by Prince_Of_GardenHD02 Prince_Of_GardenHD02

Greetings Prince_Of_Garden02

My suggestion would be to store you spring planting bulbs: In a cool dry place, never beyond the freezing point. Place the bulbs in a brown paper bag that has several inches of peat moss.

The brown paper bag shelters the bulbs from the light, and still allows air flow; the peat absorbs any moisture that the bulbs may incur, or have retained,  during the dormant state

You do not want any moisture build up in the plastic bag which may invite disease and rot; the plastic bags that the bulbs are sold in have perforations, slits, to allow moisture to escape. Moisture can rot bulbs quickly.

The temperature has to be on the cooler side so that the bulbs stay dormant and don’t begin to sprout, I believe that your bulbs will stay viable in temps into the low forties, anything below that is very chancy. The temps in your warehouse may put the bulbs in jeopardy, and you wouldn't know until you plant them and they do not emerge.

Why gamble?  


Keeping them out of the light also will help in the dormancy, once the bulbs are introduced to light, moisture and warmth, that is what awakens them.

Keep your bulbs tucked in a blanket of peat moss, in a brown paper bag, in a cool, dry, place until it is time for planting.

Posted 2015-03-05T13:28:29+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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