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Gas Water Heater Whistling

After a hot shower, a cycle of the dish washer or a cycle in the clothes washer, my gas water heater starts whistling. There also seems to be a good amount of heat coming from the water heater while it whistles. It seems like the whistling is coming from the bottom, near where the pilot light is. I don't think I smell gas. I just moved into this house so I am unsure about how long this has been going on. Any ideas of what could be happening?


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Posted 2013-07-25T11:51:53+0000  by LoveToDIY LoveToDIY

The pressure in your gas line is well under a pound per square inch (by comparison the pressure in your car's tires are 30 pounds per square inch).  If you had a gas leak, you probably wouldn't hear any kind of noise or it would be very, very faint.  If you had a leak where you could hear noise, you would definitely smell it.


I'd be more inclined to think that you have a small water leak at the bottom of the tank and the noise you hear is the water boiling off.  Does the whistling sound decrease as the water heats?


Can you see the burner's flame?  You may have to remove the access panel.  It should be solid blue color, like that on a gas stove.  Is it?



Posted 2013-07-25T15:02:46+0000  by Adam444

The pilot light is solid blue, but it does flicker orange a bit. The whistling is pretty loud... not faint at all. Is it normal for it to be very hot around the top of the heater?

Posted 2013-07-25T15:58:42+0000  by LoveToDIY
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