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Gas dryer in Garage - 18" platform - Suggestions please.



I recently purchased a gas dryer from Home Depot, and the technician did not install the dryer in the garage indicating a California law that requires a 18" platform clearance.


I looked at pedestals, but can only get 12-15". Can someone please help with a cheap way to get 18" platform so that I can get the gas dryer installed?




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Posted 2012-07-04T00:54:04+0000  by tp tp

Check this posting out...


Modify to fit


Laundry Pedestal.jpg 

Should give you an idea to start planning your own design. 

Posted 2012-07-04T21:22:42+0000  by Paul

I just had a similar experience, but fortunately my friend advised me to get my gas dryer somewhere else.  Indeed, neither Sears nor Lowe's feel obligated to honor this ridiculous regulation, which it seems was developed to avoid an explosion in case you drive your car into the dryer.  Whether or not the dryer is in a place where it get hit by your car (should you be stupid enough to actually hit it) isn't an issue evidently.  This is one of the best examples of "your tax dollars at work" that I've ever run into.


Since you've already made your HD purchase, the best advice I can offer is to do the installation yourself, assuming the gas hook-up is already there.  Or get a handyman to do it.  Presumably they too don't think it's their job to enforce dysfunctional regulations.

Posted 2013-01-20T04:08:46+0000  by wbryan
This is because of building codes (IRC) designed to prevent your house from burning down. The only law that applies here is one that says buildings shall follow building codes.

"Residential garages have a high potential for volatile liquids, such as gasoline and paint thinners that can spill or leak from their containers. Because the vapors from these liquids are heavier than air, they concentrate just above floor level, posing an explosion hazard in garages with a water heater."

Thus, anything that is designed to start fires (the ignitor in your gas dryer, or the ignitor in your gas water heater) is required to be 18" or higher above the floor so they do not ignite any such low lying cloud of volatile vapor. As Home Depot doesn't enjoy lawsuits arising from exploding garages, they instruct their technicians to follow building code.
Posted 2014-09-02T20:20:17+0000  by ElLlamero
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