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Gas valve

I have a natural gas key valve that runs to my fireplace. The valve is built into the brick. The valve stem that the key goes into is partially stripped. Can a specialist repair the stem with some kind of slim tool to get the packing nut off and put in new stem?

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Posted 2013-01-07T06:19:22+0000  by Keninpoway Keninpoway

Hi Keninpoway,


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The bricks of your hearth are simply laid around the gas valve to your fireplace. The gas is tapped off of a trunk

line and passes through the control valve on it's way to the fire box.


The Home Depot sells these gas valves in our plumbing department and seasonally, with our fireplace accessories and gas logs.


Fireplace Gas Valve.jpg

The silver collar can be unscrewed from the brass valve in the hearth. The valve is connected to the gas line located below the bricks. There is a shut off valve between this valve and the trunk line.


Gas Shut Off.jpg


Turn off that valve and unscrew the union coupling on the gas pipe after the shut off valve.


Gas Union.jpgThis union will allow you to remove the gas pipe that leads to your fireplace valve.


This entire valve is more economical than purchasing the valve mechanism separately. We offer several configurations to match the pipe routing in your hearth. It will require removal to service, so simply replacing the whole valve with a new one will save time and money.


A plumber can replace this valve for you if your not willing to do-it-yourself.


Thanks for asking, keep us posted.






Posted 2013-01-08T14:30:29+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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