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Gate or Ball Valve for House Main Shut Off?

My house currently has a gate valve as the main shut off.
When I turn it off, and turn on the lowest valve in the system to drain it, the drain valve keeps on draining, seemingly forever.
I suspect that water is leaking through the gate valve even though it is closed.
The house is about 45 years old, and I think both the main shut off, and the pressure regulator, are original.
What do you advise?
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Posted 2016-11-09T19:22:52+0000  by CupertinoDan CupertinoDan
If you can't get your current valve to shut off completely, you're going to have to shut of water at the curb and replace it.  I'd use a ball valve, preferably one with with a "full port."

While you're at it, you might as well replace the pressure valve too.  If you don't have one, you should have an expansion tank on the water heater.  
Posted 2016-11-09T22:19:06+0000  by Adam444
Hello CupertinoDan.  Welcome to the Community!

A full port ball valve would be a more modern, direct replacement for the old style gate valve you currently have.  Both these valves allow for an unrestricted flow of water, as opposed to many other valves which restrict full flow. 

Gate valves are less convenient, in that they take many handle turns to fully open or close.  They also have a tendency to slightly leak, even when fully closed, since there is no rubber seal on either the gate or its seat.  Some do, some don't, even when fairly new.  Any dirt or crud that accumulates in the space where the gate seats will prevent full shut-off.  Ball valves are pretty much immune to this problem.



Posted 2016-11-10T15:56:03+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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