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Gear Up to Clean Up

Fall cleanup time is here! The tasks of autumn yard work and garden maintenance are many: containing and raking up the fallen leaves is just a start, there is also the cleaning of flowerbeds, and the cutting back and the dividing of perennials. Planting some fall bulbs can be on the agenda, also spreading a fresh layer of mulch on beds to insulate, protect, and tuck in all your green friends for a long winters nap is always a good practice. Add an application of fall fertilizer to the lawn, and maybe throw some fall grass seed down too.

Now is the time to cut back any weak or dead branches of trees and shrubs, if plants need to be re-located now is the time! Autumn presents the opportunity, with the cool, moist, morning temperatures, to rearrange plantings, and restructure a landscape design. There are weeks of time for the newly seated plants to adjust their root systems to the new placement before going dormant for the winter months.

All of these tasks will take time to accomplish, it is best to make a schedule, a plan of jobs to done, and the time allotted to do them, this way you do not get intimidated, and the whole process becomes overwhelming.

Having the tools on hand that are easily accessible will keep you motivated to get your entire fall cleanup and fall maintenance done, and even enjoy it!

Before you reach for a rake and some yard waste bags, first things first: PPE, Personal Protection Equipment, are the most important of tools of all. This is a list of essential protection gear to have hanging in your shed, garage or tool closet

Gloves: always have at least two pair of good garden gloves, one waterproof and one thick leather or suede to ensure protection from thorns and brambles.

Keeping your feet dry and comfortable with allow more productive time in the garden, check out garden clogs for a sensible solution for working feet.

Eye protection, dust mask, earplugs, hat, sunscreen, and bug sprays, should be on hand and readily available Depending on the job at hand all of the protection products are necessary.

A disposable paper work suit is also a great article of clothing to have on hand in case you are doing clean up where poison ivy, or any other allergy causing growth maybe thriving….It makes sense to just have a coverall available for dusty, dirty garden jobs.

Essential fall clean up long handled, and hand tools are a sharp pruner, loper, cultivator, bulb planter, steel rake, leaf rake, a pole saw is great to have, and a good broom.

A leaf blower is a desirable tool at this time of the year. After spending hours raking leaves, customers come into the aisles of The Home Depot looking for some easier way to get the task of leaf removal done….” I have filled 8 paper waste bags already, and the leaves have not really started to fall yet” one customer told me.

A leaf blower/vac will help greatly in the leaf removal process. The procedure is; first, use ear protection, then blow the leaves into a pile, and then change to the blower to the vac/mulching mode, the leaves are then sucked up and shredded into fine particles right into a convenient shoulder bag. The ratio of ten full paper leaf bags can be condensed and shredded into just one bag, makes the investment of a blower/vac (I believe) invaluable!


The insurance of safety is the most important investment you can make, so gear up and then clean up!

Send us your favorite trick or tool to make fall cleanup a quick, easy and fun task!

Check out this article about decomposing of paper refuse bags in the Boston, Ma area!

Happy Fall,




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