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General Electric - Back to Basics

Last Saturday, as I walked a customer from the outside garden center, to the inside aisles of building materials and lumber seeking out the drain pipes and gutters; I saw a crowd gathering at the edge of the appliance department.

Through the shifting and moving of the crowd I could see something shiny and blue. It was a shade of blue that I was drawn to, that beautiful blue; the color a vintage Ford Thunderbird, or a gift box from Tiffany’s.

After I had ushered my customer to the aisle filled with all the drain pipes and splash blocks that he needed, I went right back to the very busy section the appliance department.

 It commanded the corner….it pulled customers to its doors from all over the store; a gorgeous blue fridge!

The vignette was staged perfectly, a classic all American kitchen, with a hip, trendy, retro twist!

It stopped customer right in their tracks! This tiny kitchenette appealed to the very young, teens, apartment dwellers, and home owners. The General Electric blue beauty caused the elders to reminisce, become nostalgic, to a simpler time, when the kitchen was the heart of the home, the gathering place of friends and family!


General Electric has stepped back in time, back to basic, reinvesting in the homes and hearts of Americans!

Not only do they make beautiful, dependable appliances they stand behind them!

GE FAMILY CARE CARD: The GE care card is your ticket to exclusive discounts and personalized offers.


ONLINE SERVICES: Access all your appliance information- owner manuals, year of purchase….online.


5 YEAR CARE CONTRACT: GE stands behind their products and offer a 5 year care contract on all new appliances.


TRADE IN: Trade in your old GE appliance, get credit towards a new one and we’ll donate your old appliance to a local charity.


YOUR FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSITY: Enjoy complimentary 1_year tune-up appointment on us – complete with personalized tips.


With all of these features GE also asks you to be creative: choose your color, your knobs, and your handles!

General Electric has been with us since the beginning, invest in the future, invest in America, invest in the heart of your home…check out this totally new line of appliances offered by the oldest recognizable names in dependability, and quality!

Create your own appliance that is made for the heart of your home!!

This G.E prototype kitchenette will be staged, and “POP UP”, in selected Home Depot stores throughout the country!

G.E is looking for customer interest and input on the new line of products, and incredible membership benefits program!

Become one of the first to become a member once the program officially launches, register at

Watch your local Home Depot for this great display to just......... POP UP!!!!     Maureen




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Posted 2014-07-31T17:52:41+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
A few years back a friend remodeled her kitchen and picked GE Cafe appliances mostly because that she liked how they looked - side-by-side 'fridge, OTR microwave, and range.  I believe Home Depot sells the Cafe line so you know what these things cost.

18 months in the 'fridge went and the repairs weren't covered by warranty.  After a bunch of discussions with GE they were kind enough to replace the 'fridge for the modest sum of $800.  16 months later the control board on the microwave went.  That was out of warranty too.  A new board lists for $650.  That same week Sears had the entire microwave on sale for $720.

On the bright side, the range has been trouble free.
Posted 2014-08-01T04:42:47+0000  by Adam444
Back in the 30's GE sold what is (was) called the "Monitor" top refrigerator and there are plenty of them running to this day.  A fully restored model is several thousand dollars but  unrestored models are in the $800-$1000 range.

Do you think any refrigerator sold today from any manufacturer will be working 80 years from now?
Posted 2014-08-01T04:48:58+0000  by Adam444
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