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Get The Moss Out!


LawnRanger here!


Customers on the aisle at my Home Depot are asking for solutions for their moss problems.


Moss is nice and green, but as with all weeds, if it is in the wrong place, it has to be removed.


The Home Depot offers products to help you remove moss from your lawn and patio.


Moss Out is a granular form of ferrous sulfate monohydrate that will kill the moss on contact.


 It’s available in a shaker bag that reseals. Apply it directly to moss while it’s moist.






Worry-Free Moss & Algae Control utilizes Lemonene as its active ingredient.


Lemonene is a citrus oil touted for its weed control properties.


 It is naturally derived from citrus and is environmentally friendly.


 Attach the ready-spray bottle to any garden hose and spray the moss.







Use Worry-Free Moss & Algae control on lawns, patios, decks, fences and roofs.


Until next time, I'll see you in the aisles!




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Posted 2012-02-21T22:42:09+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL Travis_HD_ATL