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Get The Weeds In Your Yard Under Control

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Weeds are inevitable. We can control the development of weeds with cultivation techniques and with the help of herbicides. Before the weeds become great in number, pulling them up by the root can be a good option, but as their growth spreads throughout the yard, you may need to resort to chemical control.  Selective herbicides can safely be applied to your lawn at specific times to keep your yard weed free. Apply herbicide only when it will have the greatest impact on the targeted weeds.

Types of Weed Control

Pre-emergent needs to be applied before the weed seeds germinate, since it will not kill any established plant. This preventive measure will protect your lawn from invasive weed seeds that are constantly falling into your yard.


Post-emergent weed control is applied to the established weeds while they are actively growing. These are selective herbicides that target the unwanted weeds, but will not harm listed grasses. Always read the product label and follow all of the instructions.

Stop Weeds by Mowing the Lawn 

Cultivation techniques can reduce the need for post-emergent chemical intervention.


Mowing the lawn weekly is the best method to help reduce the number of weeds that grow in your lawn. Cutting the lawn will keep the weeds from flowering and thusly, will prevent them from developing seed. Whether you collect the clippings in a grass catcher or mulch the clippings, the act of cutting off the flower before it can set seed will reduce the number of weeds that grow. This will reduce the need for chemical herbicides to kill actively growing weeds.


Set your mowing height to the optimum height for your particular type of grass. Some grasses prefer a higher cut to produce more foliage, while other grasses benefit from being cut low. Obviously, cutting low will better affect the weed control, but don’t sacrifice a lawn that needs to grow tall just to mow out the low growing weeds.

Sharpen your mower blades often for the best cut. Dull blades will tear the grass blade, leaving a ragged edge that can turn brown.

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