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Getting Your Bathroom Ready for the Hoildays



Thank you for joining me in my last installment of my ‘Getting ready for the holidays’ series. This last one is near and dear to my heart. Just a year ago, we updated our master bathroom. It was a total update, it doesn’t even look like the same bathroom! It  was a process that is for sure. But, you don’t have to do a total renovation to change the look. Let’s talk about some things that you can do to update your bathroom, just in time for the holidays.


Are you familiar with SimpleMat? SimpleMat makes it very easy to tile on a vertical surface. As an online exclusive we actually offer SimpleMat that can be used in a shower. This is only available online, not in our stores. We do sell SimpleMat in our stores, but it is not recommended for wet environments, such as a shower. Here is a video that explains how to use SimpleMat for your project.


Martha Stewart’s premier bath collection has hit the stores and has something for everyone! Each look is unique and will fit in with any décor.


Martha Stewart Bath Collection


The Skylands Collection is made up of a 24- inch vanity in Bridle Brown with Stone Effects vanity top in Arctic Haze with a white basin. The Skyland  4- inch, 2- handle low arc bathroom faucet in Brushed Nickel goes well with this vanity. There is also a Skyland, 3- light vanity light fixture. Lastly, don’t forget the towel bar and robe hook!


The Wayland Collection offers a 29- inch vanity in Filbert Brown with Stone Effects vanity top in Calcutta Gold with Calcutta Gold basin. The faucet that goes well with this collection is the Wayland, 8- inch, 2- handle, low-arc bathroom faucet in Brushed Nickel and the 3- light Wayland Collection vanity light fixture. Other accessories include toilet paper holder and robe hook.  


The Seal Harbor Collection offers a 30- inch wooden vanity in Sharkey Grey with composite vanity top in white with white basin. Going hand in hand is the Seal Harbor 8 inch, 2 handle High-Arc bathroom faucet in polished nickel. There is also a 2 light, Seal Harbor Collection vanity light fixture. Other accessories include towel ring, towel bar and robe hook.


Now that you have the vanity, you need to install it! Here is a step by step guide on how to install your brand new vanity! Don’t worry, it’s really easy.   


After the vanity is in place, you will have to install faucet. Here is a guide to help you install a center set faucet. If you have a wide spread faucet, click here.


Did you find an awesome wall mounted light fixture that will go great in your bathroom? If so, here are the instructions on how to install a wall mounted light fixture.


At The Home Depot we have many bathtub and shower options. No matter your needs, we are sure to have it!



Bath Tubs and Showers


Don’t forget the faucet! There are many different colors and styles to choose from at The Home Depot.   




Did you know, just by changing your toilet, you can save on your water bill? Toilets used to use so much water, and now with low flow and dual flush toilets, you can save hundreds just by changing your toilet.  Here is a toilet buying guide.   




First you need to remove your old toilet. Here is a step by step guide on how to do just that.


Here is your step by step guide on how to install your new toilet.


Ideally, anything with metal finish in the bathroom should match. So, if you have changed out your faucet, you may want to consider changing out your bathroom accessories as well.


Bathroom Accessories


Did you know you can customize your own vanity? It is a really neat application and I would totally recommend checking it out.


St. Paul Vanity Top Customizer


Here is the vanity I put together with the help of the St. Paul vanity top customizer.


Customer vanity example


If all of this seems overwhelming, have no fear, we at The Home Depot can help you out!  We offer installation services for all of your bathroom update needs.


No matter if you simply want to change your light fixture or completely change the look of your bathroom, The Home Depot has everything you need. Here on the community we love before and after pictures. If you are planning on updating or have updated your bathroom, post some pictures and tips so we can see your handy work.  :smileywink:


Happy Holidays!


Christine  :smileyhappy:

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Posted 2011-11-09T16:57:07+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL Christine_HD_ATL

LOL, getting your bathroom ready for the holidays. What planet do you people live on? There is a deep recession going on out there or haven't you noticed? Not one thing will be changing at my house for the holidays. I just count myself lucky to be able to keep my house.


Posted 2011-11-09T21:07:07+0000  by macfan

I agree with macfan.


And are you really telling us how to put in a new toilet for the holiday season???  Does it come with tinsel?

Posted 2011-11-14T14:30:23+0000  by LauraB
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