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Getting Your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming! Are you ready? I didn't think so. This is the beginning of a series of posts that will give you ideas on how to update each room in your home for the upcoming holiday season. Let’s take this decorating journey together, shall we?


I’m going to start with the kitchen. The kitchen is naturally a place where delightful edibles are prepared, but it is also a place to socialize, especially in the cold winter months when the warmth of the oven defrosts cold hands and feet. Last Christmas I was able to experience my first white Christmas, yes, I’m a Georgia native, hush. :smileyvery-happy: My whole family gathered in the kitchen to watch the snow fall gingerly, it was like a Christmas you only read about in books.

There are many things that you can do to update and fancy up your kitchen before the first snowflake falls from the sky.


Your kitchen countertop is a focal point in your kitchen. If you have an island, this is especially true. There are many things you can do to update your countertop.


Rust-Oleums’ Countertop Transformations kit is an easy and economical way to update your existing countertops. It is now available through The Home Depot and on- line. Check your local store for in stock colors. 

You can also replace your countertop. We have a HUGE selection of special order countertops, in many different materials. The possibilities are endless.


Below is a chart explaining the types of countertops we sell and the benefits of each. Click the picture for the complete buying guide.


Countertop Buying Guide


After you update your countertop, perhaps you should consider updating your backsplash. You can do so many things to update your backsplash. Click here for a wide variety of backsplashes that we carry in store and on- line.


If you are considering doing a tile backsplash, here is a video explaining how to do it.




Do your cabinets need updating? There are a few products you can use. The Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation kit is a wonderful kit that includes everything you need to refinish your cabinets. Click below to watch a video, by yours truly, explaining how this kit works.


Rust- Oleum Cabinet Transformations


Another option for you would be to paint them. Glidden Trim and Door paint is a great way to paint your cabinets. It is an oil based, gel paint and will leave you with an incredible high gloss finish. Click the picture below for a link explaining how the Glidden Trim and Door paint works.


Glidden Trim and Door 


Have you been considering updating the windows in your home? Did you know that there are many window options available at The Home Depot? On top of being more esthetically pleasing, replacing your windows can do wonders for your electric or gas bill. No matter if you want us to install them for you, or you want to do it yourself, it call all be done through The Home Depot.   Here is a link to our huge window selection.   Click the picture below to learn about the different kinds of windows and which ones would best suit your home.


Windows Buying Guide


 Now, let’s discuss those window treatments. Did you know that we sell curtains both online and in our stores? There are many colors and styles to choose from. Click here to peruse our extensive collection.


If curtains aren’t your thing, consider blinds. Blinds come in many different materials and styles; there is surely something for everyone. Click here to check out our online and in store selection of blinds.


Adding a new light fixture and/ or under the cabinet lighting is another way to update your kitchen. There are many to choose from, click here for tons of kitchen lighting options. Here is a video explaining how to change out your light fixture.



If you are satisfied with your fixture, but want to update it, you can always spray paint it. Spray paint comes in many different colors and textures. This may not seem like a lot, but it will make a big difference.   


Painting the walls is another way to change the look of your kitchen.  Painting the walls will make it feel like a whole new kitchen.


DesignConnect is a new program on our website that will help you make design decisions for your kitchen. You can virtually add everything I have discussed here and more. When you are done you can print off a blue print and bring it to your local store and a design consultant will help you get the renovations you have been dreaming of.


Click the icon below to learn all about DesignConnect.


My Kitchen Planner


Just for fun I designed a kitchen using DesignConnect and this is the print out. It was super easy and fun!



My Kitchen Design 



My Kitchen Planner



That’s all for today, I hope I was able to give you some ideas on how to update your kitchen. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask, we would be glad to help!


Please stop by again, next time I will be discussing ways to update your living room for the holidays.


Happy Updating!


Christine :smileyhappy:


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