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Glass in the oven door. HELP lol

We just bought a commercial double stack oven.  Each oven is 500 pounds (1,000 total).  They are beasts and we are scratching our heads on how to get one oven on top of the other . . . (about 3.5 feet high)


Ceratinly I can get about 6 or 7 guys, but I don't want to risk someone getting hurt, trying to deadlift this item from the floor to about waist hight. 


My father says we can get some sort of chain lifting system that screws into a beam in the ceiling  . . . but that makes me nvervous, as we are renting our store and I don't want to risk damage.  Are the beams strong enough to do this?


Open to any creative ideas on how to get this done.

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Posted 2013-07-24T03:08:07+0000  by KuyaRomeo KuyaRomeo

After reviewing a couple different manufacturer manuals for installation, each one of them indicates that the lift is done by manual labor.


As to the idea of using the beams with a pully system, I would not recommend it. Its hard to determine at first glance, what the load capacity is for a beam in a home. Whether they're load bearing, if there is any structural defect not seen by the naked eye.


Always better to be safe than sorry.

Posted 2013-07-24T15:41:37+0000  by 19katherynb
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