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Glass to Glass Glue/Sealant plus able to hold Water

What is the best permanent glue/sealant for glass to glass application, able to fill with water and dry clear?  I am glueing wine bottles upside down with the bottoms cut off to a piece glass and wish to fill them with water when all is dry.  I'm worried about leaking and whether or not "flexibility" is a good thing.  I've seen options for 100% silicone (aquarium glue) and marine glue.


Thanks for any advice.



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Posted 2013-10-07T18:57:36+0000  by reenie143 reenie143

Hello Reenie143!


The aquarium glue will work very well for your project. You want there to be flexibility in the glue, because water temperature can make it swell or shrink. A flexible glue will ensure that it doesn't crack causing it to leak.


I would love to see a picture when you are done!


Please let us know if you have any more questions,


Christine :)    

Posted 2013-10-09T14:50:01+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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