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Glaze for Exterior Door

I finally decided on a color for my metal front door.  I want to do an teal color with a dark glaze over the top to make it look distressed.  I've seen several photos online, but I can't find any details.  It appears that most glazes aren't made for exterior use.  Can anyone give recommendations on what primer, paint, glaze, and possible sealer needed?

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Posted 2015-09-30T15:05:45+0000  by andieally andieally
Hello andieally,

While there are faux glazes that are rated interior/exterior, they are not among our current offering.

Why not try these steps:

1) Prime the door with Zinsser Cover Stain tinted gray;

2) Paint your Teal base coat using Behr Oil-based Semi-Gloss;

3) Allow at least six hours dry time;

4) Streak MinWax Gel Stain (Hickory is the darkest) over your Teal using long, flowing strokes with a three-inch chip brush;

5) At this point there are several options, so be as creative as you wish;

6) You can manipulate the wet Gel Stain using a textured terry towel or cheese cloth;

7) You can allow the Gel Stain to dry six-hours and manipulate the surface with 150-grit sandpaper;

8) You can use a lower number grit, like 80, to make an aggressive cut through both stain and paint to expose the gray primer; and

9) When done with your treatment, use Satin MinWax Spar Urethane as your final coat.

All of these products are exterior rated and all are available at The Paint Pit (Home Depot Paint Desk).

Gotta love creative project like this.

Since it requires unusual product combinations, please take time to come back to discuss your success and post images.

Here are two similar threads that used interior-only stains to create faux wood grain:

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Posted 2015-10-01T14:51:09+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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