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Glazed Espresso touch up issues

We have used Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations in Espresso and we gflazed it. Two weeks later, we noticed that we needed to touch up some areas that got scuffed from putting new hardware on. I had some of the bond coat letf and we did some touching up - you can see a noticeable difference between the espresso paint colors (between the glazed and the unglazed) - although many are saying they didn't glaze because you can't tell a difference - you CAN see a difference.


After I touched the cabinets up with the bond coat and noticed the color difference, I glazed that section of the cabinet, but the glaze had no affect (possibly because of the top coat?) How do I touch up my cabinets with the color match of the glazed espresso?



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Posted 2013-10-07T00:04:53+0000  by gradgirl79 gradgirl79





Did you put the glaze over the bond coat or was there already the clear coat on it? The glaze needs the rough, relatively porous surface of the bond coat to achieve its effect. The slick clear coat will not let the glaze absorb into the bond coat.


I have never been a big fan of glazng of surfaces subjected to hard service. They inevitably get some damage and can be difficult to touch up, in comparison to a plain colored surfaces. Often the only way to make a perfect repair, is to redo a whole section. To this end, when ever I did a glazing job, I always left a touch-up kit with the exact foundation coat , or "bond coat", and glaze used.  I would suggest you transfer your left over Transfermations products to smaller containers which leave no air in the can. They will last much longer in a full container.


Observations of an ol' paint contractor.

Posted 2013-10-07T00:39:06+0000  by ordjen
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