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Glidden Paint and Primer peeling off

We have just finished remodeling a previously unfinished room.  Brand new dry wall that we primed with PVA Primer before we painted with Glidden paint and primer (both recommended by the store staff).  Not the paint is peeling straight off the primer like it's not attached at all, peels of in long sheets.  I wanted to try and peel off what didn't stick so we could just paint over the problem areas but it seems to just sheet off.    What is going on here?!?!?!?!   I have never seen a paint peel off like this..
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Posted 2015-07-08T01:14:09+0000  by Lars311 Lars311
Is it peeling across the entire wall or just at the joints between sheets of drywall?  My first thought was the the joint compound wasn't completely dry.  Depending on temperature and humidity 24 hours is usually sufficient but I've seen joint compound in basements take 72+ hours to dry completely.  Setting type compounds (e.g., Durabond) may have a hard surface but still need to dry completely before painting.  How long before finishing with the drywall and painting?

Did you use a separate primer in addition to the PVA primer or just one of the paint/primer combo products like Glidden Duo?

Were all the primers/paints thoroughly mixed before use?  Did anything seem "off" about them - chunks, watery, odd odor?
Posted 2015-07-09T01:45:17+0000  by Adam444
The drywall and joints dried for almost a week prior to priming with the PVA, The PVA said it was good after 2 hours of drying on the container but I waited a full day to paint the Glidden Duo paint.  when the paint peels off... it is just the paint... not the pva.
Posted 2015-07-09T02:06:54+0000  by Lars311
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