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Glue and a concrete floor

I have a store and it was a rush move in. The area is approx. 2700 sq ft.
The store before had carpet, they ripped it up and left.

There are small amounts of carpet glue left over. We bought EZ Strip and a large metal scraper to get it off, it does work, but it will cost me thousands in EZ Strip and time I just do not have, as we are a small mom and pop store to get it off.

I need something better to get this glue off, BUT it has to be safe as our little one does go with us to the store.

Any ideas?   Can't really do laminate as it would cost to much.

We figured, once we got the surface clean we would use paint for the final layer, but I am told that the glue HAS to come off before doing any painting, even though its a small amount of glue.


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Posted 2015-06-21T15:23:14+0000  by Brian1969 Brian1969
Hello Brian1969,

My suggestion would be to rent a floor sander and coating removal disc. With these tools you can save a ton of time and money in supplies. When using the sander you will treat the floor in much the same way as you cut a yard. Working your way back and forth across the area till completion. Make sure not to linger in one spot too long.


Like any sanding job wear proper safety gear like goggles and a respirator and keep the area well ventilated. You can use the link below to search the tool rentals of stores in you area to find the tools and get pricing. I hope this helps.


Posted 2015-06-22T16:35:26+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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