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Gotta Get This Sink Out!!

My husband and I are remodeling our kitchen head to toe. Wanted to recycle sink but have a new countertop for that sink. The sink seems to be permanently sealed to the old countertop!! It is industrally sealed to this coounter so how do we get it loose without damanging the sink?

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Posted 2011-10-16T20:14:22+0000  by AshleyAnne AshleyAnne

Welcome to the How-To-Community AshleyAnne.


First let me say; thumbs up on the sink recycling idea.


It’s not just the sink you are recycling, it’s the energy used in manufacturing, distribution and installation of that same sink. This said it’s needless to say how great it would be to get that sink out of there and reuse.


So let’s see if we can get you there.


What kind of countertop and sink are we talking about? Is it top mount or under mount? What is it made of?

Laminate, tile, granite, Corian…? Can you post some pictures?


Sinks installed over laminate counter tops almost always have clips installed underneath the outer edge of the sink. Did you check for that? Maybe that’s what’s holding it in place?


Also some installers use construction adhesive or silicone caulking in place of clips for the top mount installation. If this is the case your best bet would be to remove sink using one of these Oscillating Tools with thin cut off-blade attachment.

JobMax.jpgJobMax blade detail.JPG

Simply slide the blade right under the outer lip of the sink and work your way sideways so you don’t accidentally hit the bowl sidewall. This is a great tool but if you don’t want to make a lifetime investment you can also rent it from one of our participating Tool Rental stores. Click on the Tool Rental for the complete list of the participating stores. Also if you have interest to see this tool in action click on the JobMax Multi tool picture displayed for the product demo.


If this is the under mount sink mounted on to the granite top, than you would take a same approach like with laminate just this time from the underside of the counter top so you don't scratch up outer edge. Note that under mount clips are also to be expected with granite tops.


If this sink is mounted on the Corian top and sink itself is made of Corian then you may have a little more difficult situation on your hands that with granite or laminate tops. For the Corian removal suggestions I would really have to see the picture of the set up first. Regardless, pictures would help here tremendously when it comes to removal details.


Hope this helps and good luck with this project AshelyAnne.



Posted 2011-10-17T15:32:01+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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