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Graco 7 paint sprayer

I have a 10+ year old Graco 7 paint sprayer and am wondering about reconditioning it for next season.  Is there a kit for that?

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Posted 2013-12-11T19:24:29+0000  by johntruth johntruth

Welcome to our community JohnTruth, 


Thank you for your question! We don't sell a kit to condition your sprayer. Graco recommends using Pump Armor before putting your sprayer in long term storage. 


Here are the steps for Long Term Storage from the Graco paint sprayer manual:



Long term Storage

Long term storage


If you have any more questions, please let us know! 


Christine :) 

Posted 2013-12-11T20:13:15+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL


John Truth,


The Graco sprayers are real workhorses. Short of burning out the motor or letting the pump block freeze in very cold weather, they are worth repairing  almost indefinitely! The Graco 7 can normally spray hundreds of gallons before needing overhaul of the piston assembly. A homeowner may never need to do it.


More commonly, simple problems cause failure to pump properly. The most common reason is not throughly cleaning the filters: the filter basket on the hose paint pick-up, the filter immediately in back of where the paint line attaches,and finally, the filter in the gun.


The tip can also become clogged. However, even a couple thousanths of an inch hole in a tip can be seen to pass daylight. More commonly, tips wear out. Their normal life is about ten hours of spraying. Remember, if the trigger is held open, that tiny hole in the tip is capable of passing 200 gallons of paint in that 10 hours. Also remember that that paint contains abrasive metallic titanium particle.


When the tip spray pattern becomes oval or even round, it is time to replace it!  When paint usage increases significantly, the hole has been enlarged and the tip needs to be replaced. If a permanent "tailing" is apparent at the top or bottom of the spray pattern, and alterring the pressure does not cure it, it is probably time for a new tip.


There are some pump piston replacement kits available at the Home Depot website, but without knowing exactly what model you have, it is difficult to know if the right one is available.


The Home Depot Rental Centers are capable of servicing Graco sprayers or forwarding them to repair centers.


Personally, if my unit were working fine, I am not sure I would do much to it. They tend to slowly degrade rather than fail suddenly. If you do the routine maintenance and cleaning, they will last a long time before needing professional care.


For your convenience here is a lengthy web address for maintenance and parts:⟨=en&site=usen


Hope this helps.

Posted 2013-12-12T04:58:39+0000  by ordjen

Hello johntruth!


Historically, many stores carried Graco pump repair kits along with filters, tips, extensions, etc.


More recently, these items proved not to be fast movers and were removed from the store inventory.


However, you may still purchase a Graco ProX Pump Repair Kit online.


Click the link to read specifications and place your order.


Graco includes ProX7 in their list of compatible pumps.


If you have any doubt about which model you own, Graco Technical Support can help you match the repair kit.
Graco ProX Pump Repair Kit.jpgYou Can Do It, We Can Help!

Posted 2013-12-12T13:00:00+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL




Is this kit compatible with all the Pro sprayers? The online catalog does not give particular model suitability.


As a hoeowner, I am not sure I would want to spend the money replacing this item if the machine has not exhibited signs of lack of performance. Although, if you are a contractor, there is nothing that costs you more money than being suddenly out of business until the machine is repaired. As the old saying goes, "time is money"!

Posted 2013-12-12T17:14:29+0000  by ordjen

Hello Again Ordjen and johntruth!


Scott at Graco Technical Support says you may call 1-888-541-9788 for assistance.


First, he said that Graco produced several variations of the 7-series.


This is how he suggested you proceed:


On your 7-series you will find a plate that includes several numbers.


Take a photo of the plate before you call Graco or simply write the numbers.


The critical number series is a:

1) Six-Digit Part #; which is followed by

2) Series Code


The Series Code begins with a letter ... most likely A-L; which is followed by

Two Numbers; which is followed by

A single letter ... most likely A-J


The Graco Technical Support representative should be able to identify your machine and the pump repair kit you need.


Graco does not direct ship.


So, the quickest way to order is through your local HD Store Tool Rental department.



You might consider taking your Graco to the store when you order the kit ... just in case you need any other details.


Scott at Graco was very helpful in identifying the process.


Please be certain to follow up here to verify that you got the assistance you needed.




Posted 2013-12-12T22:28:53+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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