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Granite counter top disaster

Hello. When I bought my house, they conveniently DIDN'T tell me that the tiled granite counter tops were unsealed...I've since seemingly destroyed them with random blurry stains from glasses left on the counter & other ugly stains from unknown causes. :smileysad:


Can I repair this myself? I tried a home-made poultice solution with a plastic wrap covering for 24 hours, per a DIY site. It didn't work. Do I have to find a professional to sand down the counter to get rid of the stains, then have it sealed?


If anyone can help me find a solution, something I can do on my own, I'd greatly appreciate it! :smileyhappy:

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Posted 2013-03-16T00:28:58+0000  by karina13 karina13

Hi karina13,


Welcome to the community! I'm sorry to hear about your issues with your countertop, but I do have some options to consider.


I've had similar conversations with my customers in my Home Depot store here in Atlanta, and I also got some good advice from a friend who installs and designs custom stone countertops.


If there a few small stains as you say, you can use a stain removing poultice PROVIDED you know the source of the stain (ink, oil, food, etc..). Most professionals like my friend will tell you that in situations like yours, you'll need to do a thorough and total cleaning of the entire countertop, and then apply the poultice if any stains are remaining. Most good granite countertop cleaners can and will reduce or even get rid of some stains.


Several poultices we carry on our website (sorry these aren't available in our stores) are highly rated and can work well on removing stains. One of the many we carry is sold and linked below to find out more...


Cleaning and getting rid of the stains is the first step to getting the countertop looking new again. Granite as a substrate is a tough material to get the stains removed completely. However, if you catch the stains quickly and use a good cleaner like the one shown above, you can significantly reduce the amount of existing stains.


Another option my friend the granite countertop installer said is to use a small amount of denatured alcohol. Apply it with a few folds of a paper towel over the affected area. He told me it is a quick fix, but it may be a viable solution for removing your stains.


The only other option (after cleaning) for getting your granite looking back the way they were would be by sanding or even staining the countertops. This is a job by a professional, as not only they will have the materials to get the job done, but the experience to ensure the countertop is uniform in appearance.


As with any granite countertop, be sure to seal it afterwards, and if you do hire someone to refinish it, make sure they do seal afterwards. Failure to do so will have history repeating itself. Sealing your granite countertops can be done by yourself, and you'll need to make sure you do this at least once a year to ensure staining won't happen again. Use a penetrating sealer that will go into the countertop, and not simply coat over it. 


I hope this has assisted you, and good luck with your project, I hope to hear your progress on your countertops.




Posted 2013-03-16T17:35:35+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Thank you so much for your thorough answer to my question!  :smileyhappy:

Posted 2013-03-23T20:54:11+0000  by karina13
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