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Granite counter top tiles

Has anyone ever used Mastic to set granite tiles on a kitchen counter top?   It says it's for duct work but it looks like something we'd like to use for the tiles.


If so, how fast does it dry?  Although we've laid the tiles out, we still need time to arrange them to fit square and level.

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Posted 2012-01-03T18:52:37+0000  by hammerqueen hammerqueen

Greetings HammerQueen,


First we in the community love your name! Great choice and nicely done. My name is Tom, known here and around the DIY community as HD116. Having installed literally hundreds of granite countertops in my career, this is a subject I am comfortable with. Because of the porosity of natural stone such as granite, marble, etc. I only recommend using an adhesive that is designed specifically for use with natural stone.


I know this from experience as I had to serve as an expert witness in a case where an improper adhesive was used and it seeped through the granite causing severe discoloration on an installation that was tens of thousands of dollars. The folks at Liquid Nails have a product that will fit your project nicely. It is designed for Marble and Granite, has a good working time, and is quite affordable. For your convenience it is pictured below and can be found here.




Welcome to our community!  I hope you find the information useful and would love to see before and after pics of your project.



Posted 2012-01-03T19:34:16+0000  by HD116

While mastic and glues are easier to work with and DIY friendly, a better option would be to install the Granite Tiles over Cement board and then install tiles with Thinset. Yes, It is a lot of work, but the results will be amazing and your job will last for decades.  Lighter colored tiles can be intalled with white thinset to avoid the possibility of discoloration.  What I have an issue with mastic is that it takes a long time to set up and dry; furthermore it is not as water resistant and a cement based product like thinset.  Even though you may seal tiles and grout, you may get water seepage eventually going through grout lines or by the sink area, and mastic won't hold up as well and would be prone to mold and mildewing.  You can mix thinset in a 5-gal bucket and use a drill with a mixer attachement, mixes product really well. Furthermore, make sure not to use the full speed when mixing thinset as it will introduce air into the mix and cause more shrinkage in thinset. Slow-Medium speed is the way to go. Moreover, after mixing thinet, let it "Slake-Up" , in other words let the thinset rest for about 10 mins so all the bonders and everything else in the thinset will intermingle  together well.

Posted 2012-01-13T05:34:38+0000  by mgonzo

We did it.   We're now pros!  (not)  But thanks for the tips and great opinions.   I have before and after pictures and a few "goofs" and "recovery techniques" - experience, you know.    I'll get them posted soon.   Next?   Installing a new kitchen window . . . . .


Thank you again.



Posted 2012-01-28T05:01:47+0000  by hammerqueen
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