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Gree (Terra) Ductless/27 SEER

I noticed that HD is selling Gree ductless systems... I'm mostly interested in the Terra 9000/27 SEER unit that HD lists online. I'll install everything myself (contractor) excluding the HVAC portion which will involve cutting the lines to an appropriate length, flaring, pressure testing and pulling a vacuum prior to releasing the R410.


I have two questions that I need answered before I place my order...


[1] In regards to the "Photocatalytic Filter" (silver ion) and the "Healthy Filter" which will eventually need replacement. Where can these filters be purchased ? Will Home Depot assist me in ordering these items from Gree ?


[2] Line set length. Minimum length is 10ft and maximum is 50 feet according to the installation specifications. I know this is more a question for the HVAC tech but in the event I get one that's not familiar with Gree products I need to know the answer - after all time is money and if he has to call this in it will cost me more.


According to the manual, the outdoor unit contains 45.9oz of charge for a 25 ft line. If the line exceeds 25 ft then it requires .2oz of additional R410 per foot but does this same formula apply to reducing the line set length (again, minimum of 10ft) ? For instance, having the tech install a 15 ft line set would require him to recover 2 oz of R410 resulting in an overall weight of 43.9 oz.


Looking forward to your response....

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Posted 2013-09-18T16:25:03+0000  by Cuda Cuda

41 views... Sigh ! :smileysad:


Well it appears that HD either can't or won't answer the question posted 3 weeks ago. This leads me to surmise that either you don't possess the knowledge (understandably) to answer my question (guessing you won't consult with Gree) or you simply won't support the product pre/post sale and leave that burden to the HVAC installer (assuming Gree is a brand they support).


Well I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in not receiving at the very least, a comment indicating 'we don't know'. An honest answer is better than no answer whatsoever. One may assume you either don't want to assist your customers or you simply can't. I can understand the technical portion (line set length and charge evacuation) but maintenance products to support the post sale of such items. Shame on you !




I've decided that I'll purchase an M-series Mitsubishi heat pump from another source, someone who happens to sell and support this brand. I can't say this enough, it's critical that one be able to purchase replacement parts as it pertains to maintenance and more importantly - repair. No need to extend the amount of downtime in attempt to source a part.


Again, my reason for inquiring was simply for peace of mind. I've had great HVAC techs come behind me to complete a job and I've had less than great. I've even had great techs make uninformed decisions and this is why I asked, in the unlikely event the tech is unsure - I could correct or defer to the manufacturer (again, assuming they're available).


Good luck

Posted 2013-10-07T18:52:49+0000  by Cuda
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