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Grout over grout on tile floor - can it be done?

Is there a way to grout over grout on my bathroom tile floor?  if I have sanded off the top 1/3 layer?
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Posted 2015-04-12T18:51:41+0000  by DIYLISA DIYLISA
There are two things to consider, you want the remaining old grout to be clean, including any sealers.  It also needs to be solid.  If you have any grout that seems loose or crumbling, then remove more of the old grout until you get something solid.

After that, grout way.
Posted 2015-04-12T22:46:46+0000  by Adam444

When installing grout you primary concern would be establishing a thick enough layer that it will not crack or flake off.

Non-sanded grout is typically applied to thinner joints and sanded grout to thicker joints.

So, this will be an important consideration as well.

If sanded, you will need a thicker layer to prevent the grout from drying brittle.

If non-sanded, you might be able to get a slightly thinner layer to adhere and not break out.

Most often when grout is replaced, a grout saw or Dremel with a grout bit is used to open the joint and remove most of the old grout.

Finally, grout and tile can susceptible to staining.

If any remaining surfaces are stained, it is possible that the stain will "wick" from old to new.

TileLab Sealer is often used to seal these materials to prevent staining.
Posted 2015-04-14T15:49:55+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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