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Grouting natural stone

Doing a small border as a backsplash in a bathroom. The tile is 1"x1" pieces of travertine amd marble on mesh, I'm going to cut it into 4" strips and then use a travertine chair rail to finish the top. Do I seal all the tile before I put it up or after it is glued up and before grouting? I have read the natural tiles must be sealed before grouting so the grout doesn't bleed into the tile or stain it. Also, how do I keep the grout from filling the holes in the travertine pieces? Or is there a way to get the grout out afterwards?

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Posted 2012-02-26T23:52:52+0000  by bb512 bb512

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As stated earlier above your own post in this thread, you can use stone and copper tile in your bathroom as long as it isn't in constant direct contact with water, like a shower surround.


Read my response to the other users question, and my response will be right under it...since you are asking the same question.


Always seal natural stone, always.


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Posted 2014-01-22T13:21:13+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
You could also use Grout Release.   I use one made by Aqua Mix.  You put it on to seal the stone tiles before grouting..Makes a HUGE difference. You might still need haze remover, but not likely if you're quick.  I tried the grout bag and gave up.  I have 18x1.5 ft of 1/2" stone and glass mosaic tile..I would be filling grout lines for a year if I used a grout bag.
Posted 2018-05-04T22:29:48+0000  by Christien
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