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Growing cherry tomato plant indoors

Please have the "grow2girl" answer these questions for me if possible.  Thank you..

I have attached some photographs of the plant I am trying to grow at work.  The plant has special

meaning to a lot of us at my place of employment and I am trying my hardest to do the best I can for it.  I have never grown vegetable plants outside or inside before.  I have the plant in a large clay pot with mircacle grow vegetable soil.  It keeps getting taller instead of filling out.  It is in front of a huge window where it gets lots of sunlight.  One of my stalks broke and I took the fallen piece and stuck it in the soil and it is growing now.  I wasn't sure if I had lost it or not.  When you look at the photo this stalk or stem is the one closest to the round wooden doll (sp).  I would like to know how I can get the plant to fill out and produce fruit.   I hope these photographs come out ok. Thank you for any assistance.





Wayne's Tomato Plant 003.jpgWayne's Tomato Plant 004.jpg   Wayne's Tomato Plant 004.jpg   Wayne's Tomato Plant 012.jpg   Wayne's Tomato Plant 002.jpg  Wayne's Tomato Plant 016.jpg

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Posted 2012-01-29T15:31:12+0000  by carol2 carol2

Hello carol2,

First let me say that I am so excited that you have flowers and a tomato on the way.  That just shows determination and perseverance will prevail!


Regarding your flying insects…if they are black then your co-worker is right, they are fungus gnats.  Most of the time, simply reducing the water will make them go away.  However, I am weary to have you change anything because your plant is doing so well.  Is the pot sitting in water?  If so, remove any excess water in the tray below the pot.


A couple of organic options are to use Neem, which we sell at your Home Depot.  It is a spray that you can use around the soil area.  You could also try using flying insect traps or fly traps. 

In reference to the sand, I would avoid doing that because it can change the PH in the soil and possibly alter the watering process.


The gnats are more annoying than anything and hopefully some of these steps will help reduce or eliminate the problem.


Good Luck and please continue to keep us updates.

Posted 2012-02-28T12:51:26+0000  by Jen_HD_BOS

Hi carol2,


We just added a new item to our website and it is specifically for Fungus Gnats.  It can be purchase on line and is all natural and safe for your tomato plant!


Fungus Gnat.jpg


Posted 2012-03-01T14:29:20+0000  by Jen_HD_BOS
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