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Building Materials


Need to install some guttering around the back/side of the house. Need some advice/pointers to get me started....Thanks!

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Posted 2013-06-09T23:07:18+0000  by LarryGann LarryGann

Hi Larry. Thanks for stopping back by the community.


The main thing to remember is to be safe when up on a ladder.  This may require an additional person to lend an extra hand - so you are safe.


Gutters mount on the fascia (face of the roof trim) just under the roof shingles that hang over the edge.  The shingles actually should ramp into the gutter - allowing water to directly flow from the roof.


If the gutter span is long (over 20 feet), then it should have at least two downspouts for proper water flow.  Mount the gutter in such a way that the water flows towards the downspout.  See below:


gutter flow.jpg


Here is an installation video as well:



Posted 2013-06-10T14:14:11+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
Excellent advice Kevin!

Once your gutters are installed, don't overlook the option to add gutter screens.

This final touch will prevent leaf build-up in your new gutters and will help you stay off the ladder for years to come.

Posted 2014-10-28T23:24:49+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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