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I bought a beautiful Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan around 2yrs ago. Bulbs never did last. No more than 60watt max. Several weeks ago I turned it on and had a flash fire where the power wires went in through the base. Electrician friend said if it had globes on the lights , it was probably to much heat.  I removed the power wires to that bulb and used with the remaining 3 lights. I took the globes off of the remaining 3 lights to make less heat. Several days ago my wife turned it on and another flash fire occurred in the base again to the wires. Its an expensive fan and I hate to junk it, but do not want to burn my house down. How can the company sell a product with such a design flaw. Could I INSTALL LARGE BASES TO USE THE COOLER OPERATING FLOURESCENT BULBS.

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Posted 2011-08-07T00:50:19+0000  by homedepay homedepay

Hey homedepay.


I would not use this fan until we get to the root of the evil. I don't know if you lived in this house since it was built or if you moved into it secondary, but sometimes people will put in bigger circuit breakers to keep them from tripping. Circuit breakers are designed to protect wires from becoming overloaded. The circuit breaker should have tripped before any fire could have happened. A 15 amp breaker is designed to protect a 14 gauge wire and if it becomes overloaded then the breaker will trip to prevent fire. Sometimes previous owners of houses will change this 15 amp breaker to a 20 amp to keep it from tripping which will no longer protect the wire, which overloads it, causing fires. I don't suspect the bulbs, if they were 60 watts, for they should not produce enough heat to do this.


If it is a 20 amp breaker it should have a 12 gauge wire connected to it and if a 15 amp breaker then it should have a 14 gauge wire. I recommend having this looked at by a licensed electrician as the possibility, because if something is not wired correct then the breaker should trip. I am sorry to hear about the problem, hit me back here and let me know what's up.

Posted 2011-08-07T12:51:33+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

The power wires that burned are marked AWG 18.

Posted 2011-08-08T23:19:45+0000  by homedepay

Hello - I would like to put you in touch with our Customer Care department so they can make a record of these incidents and help determine what your options are to confirm the safe hook-up of your Hampton Bay fan. Can you send me an email with your contact information (phone or email please) and any other details about the model of the fan?


You can reach me at 


Posted 2011-08-09T22:24:46+0000  by homedepotsarah

I do not I agree with your diagnosis. I have had my two ceiling light fans for 6 years. They are controled by remotes. I had to replace one of the remotes a couple of years ago (good luck finding parts by the way). Now I just had one spark sizzle and all but catch on fire just because I was home and flipped the breaker. I have 20 amp breakers and 12 gauge wire so that is NOT the problem. I firmly believe that it is poorly made internal electrical mechanisms. Too bad to as I usually like what I buy at Home Depot. I wont ever by one of the products again that belongs to HD as there is no support or replacements for these. I have visited, with my product in hand, and the 'kids' all but laughed at me and told me this was how they sold more products. Well not to to Lowe's!

Posted 2011-08-14T18:59:11+0000  by Forced2011

Our ceiling fan from Home Depot caught on fire tonight. Luckily we were home otherwise the house would have burned down. Will not be shopping here again.

Posted 2012-09-04T03:42:09+0000  by K______T_______
I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with remote control which melted down.  The wiring is all burned and the remote unit has melted down.  While everything is scorched, fortunately there was no fire as no one was home at the time.

The fan was installed new just before we purchased the place.
Posted 2016-06-27T16:13:19+0000  by rds95991
Purchased a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with wireless remote approx.9 months ago. Today the fan started smoking profusely with a loud spark before I was able to shut it off. Upon further inspection, the wireless receiver was found charred and the internal components melted. Scary moment as the fan is installed in my son's room and the outcome could had been disastrous. Glad I happened to be home when this occured. A simple online research confirms that this is a common issue with these hamptom bay wireless receivers. Home Depot needs to step their game and ensure these products are safe. Just a matter of time before one of these faulty  
receivers take a life if it hasn't already.
Posted 2017-03-20T04:48:34+0000  by Khaminator
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